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Boffins look to brain scans to breath life into Web Frankenstein!

The World Wide Web Consortium’s offices are in the world’s most marvelously silly building, the cartoon like Stata Center. Among these boffins are a few working to bring the Semantic Web to life.  Nearby other experts labors away on computer science’s more esoteric arts: robotics, origami, cryptography, even user interface!

Surrounding the Stata Center are larger less fanciful buildings full of wetter sciences: brain sciences, genetics, and such.  More of the bland massive buildings are going up all the time.

The Brian Sciences center looms outside the windows of the folks working on the Semantic Web.  Over the last few years I’ve often wondered if that was a little joke on somebodies part, the Gods possibly.  Or that God of campus life, the facilities manager.  This kind of thinking afflicts my brain.  Put two random things in and I start finding amusing associations.  It is often a kind of a buzzword bingo in here.

So I was delighted to encounter this article in Ars Technica, which garners a very high scoring round at buzz word bingo. “The Semantic Web gets a boost from functional MRIs.”    The author must have been giggling!  I think his headline writer let him down, I like my headline better.