<X> for Realists

I’m currently reading a book titled “Democracy for Realists: …”   It’s triggered a bemused fantasy about a series of “… for Realists: …” books.  In the tradition of those “… for Idiots: …”

I remember books stores.  They had lots of shelf space for self help books.  A popular genre. Let’s imagine some titles:   Schooling for Realists, Vacations for Realists, Project management for Realists, Home brewing for Realists, Gardening for Realists.

So’s why not?  I have my theories.  For example picking up a book of this title would seem to signal one’s appetite for disconfirmation.  Where’s the fun in that?  Or possible like the Monty Python argument skit it implies your shopping for a scolding or abuse.  At minimum it would seem to signal that the author is war weary, scarred, old, cranky?

One take on self help books is that they are selling a treatment for stress.   Realism doesn’t sound like a miracle cure, more like chemo.


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