For at least a decade, maybe longer, I have entertained myself at parties and other gatherings by pitching this idea for a start-up: 1-900-COM-PLAIN.  This service would help you complain about  – ah – whatever.

Part of my pitch is that you would have lots of up-selling opportunities.  For example for 5$ extra you get extra letters sent to regulators, the owners mother, etc.  For 3$ we would write the letter in a folksy style suggesting you are a good egg.

There is part of the plan that involves acquiring certain firms that have gone bankrupt just to get our hands on their files of complaint letters.

A key risk in this business – obviously – is that you’d be training your employees to become expert complainers.  I’ve yet to figure out a good, and ethical, way to temper that risk.


Today I’m delighted to find this web site: Planet Feedback, which provides an analogous.  For example here is the page where they show the last few dozen letters.

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