I bought an AeroPress, a gadget for making coffee.  It’s as good as people say.

I’ve never really been a coffee nutter, so I’m peeved to discover that I now have to accept harboring opinions about grinders, beans freshness, and brew temperature.  Who is this person in my kitchen?  He’s practicing some sort of esoteric ritual first thing in the morning!

As the ritual takes more time and focus compared to my previous technique.  I recommend a cup of coffee first.  But, I’m getting better so I’d say it’s not more than twice as much work.

One thing makes a huge difference: having a tea kettle that targets the right temperature.   We just happened to have a very cheap electric kettle (acquired at a thrift store).  That guy in my kitchen wants something more exact, but I think it’s perfect.

I got the AeroPress on sale for $20, but it’s usually $25, the kettle can be had for $14, a good cheap grinder is like $20.

Or, you can go to the local high end kitchen supply store and pick up the Press for $30, an attractive pushbutton kettle for $100, and a really good grinder for $200.  The guy in my kitchen would like you to get two, and to send one of them along.  He says that store will ship.

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