repurposing a phone

I don’t think I ever mentioned here, in the blog, a little hack I enjoyed doing a while back.  I bought an old android phone ($10 on eBay, boy was it junk!) and repurposed it to fill the role of an Airport Express, i.e. so I could route music from iTunes to the phone and then to a set of speakers.

Naturally that got me thinking of all the curious things you might do with an Android Phone.  For example put it in the car as a nav system, use it as a webcam, or tracking/security device.  If you poke around you can file lists of suggestions (for example).

Some of my more self amused fantasies involve using the camera to look at a sensor, say a thermometer for an input signal and then using the flash, speaker, or bluetooth as the output signal in some over engineered control system.  Say to boil water, or heat a fish tank.

I see that you can now buy a new android phone for $30 at Radio Shack, or online from Best Buy.

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