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A new Whole Foods Market opened in my neighborhood.  It has a twitter account.  As do all the other stores around the area.  They all twitted their congratulations.    I wonder if their little community of stores has problems with bullying.

I do enjoy following, a blog about texting.   In this episode we learn about the effort to prevent marathon runners from taking selfies during the race after somebody dropped their phone as the Hong Kong marathon started.

But wait, what about the social network of brands?  Why don’t we see more brands flirting on twitter and facebook?  Here’s a bus in DC with a blog talking about a craft fair.  Of course every transportation network should have social network too.

Apparently in-spite of it being legal to ship wine into Massachusetts now it remains rare.  Only Fedex has done the paper work; and they will only ship from a seller who has registered with them.  And, the shipper maybe reluctant to ship to you into Massachusetts since he can’t discern if your getting close to your annual limit.  Which goes to explain why there are only a few places that will ship.

People!  Don’t forget the metadata!  We need an catchy name for the practice of enticing people to click thru with a content free teaser.  I.e. “This make me think!”,  “Best video ever”,  “Must watch”, “4 key risks you can avoid”, … etc.  Then we can tease people for using them, and pledge to never click ’em.

embroidery-flipbookLet this be a warning of the risks of letting you children watch too much Gumby or Gromit.  Clearly claymation is for wimps.  Be sure to scroll thru the photos so you can see the flip book the made from the individual pieces of embroidery.

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