This and That

It’s interesting that Microsoft choose to leave the Nokia patent portfolio behind, effectively encouraging a known patent troll.  I seem to remember some other cases where they left the patents behind, taking only a license.  That provides a clever way to achieve the benefits of a patent rich market without having to look like your the problem.

This reminder feature in Google’s card scheme might be an interesting foreshadowing of the user experience that they intend for what ever finally replaces Google Alerts and Google Reader.  It starts to follow thru on the value of prospective search; i.e. allowing users to have standing queries related to their interests.  … or do I mean their buying signals.

Excellent short article about the way Google is slipping a runtime library between the (open) Android OS and all their (proprietary) Apps.  The fragmentation in the Android space is a problem.  But, this threatens the promise of an open platform.

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