Whinging about PGP

I find PGP very lame because the community has failed to do even the most basic product management.

There are audiences that need to be drawn in.  Who: email users, email client authors, major email users (i.e. commercial entities), even the intermediaries.  Each of these audiences needs guidance, best practices, models.  And usability sucks.

For example there is no guidance for how to signal that I support PGP and or that I would like my correspondents to use PGP if possible.   There should be a norm about how to signal it in a footnote.  There should be a standard header so counter party clients can automate the song and dance.

The state of all this has only slightly improved over the many many years PGP has existed; but the name change around GPG was the worst kind fragmentation of branding.  Pure navel gazing.

It’s all a terrible shame.


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