Quicklisp new packages, August 2013

warren-teitelmanBut first, I was sad to see that Warren Teitelman passed away.  I first encountered the idea that all the basic operations could record how to reverse their actions, and hence you could easily implement undo, in his Programmer’s Assistant.  I’ve wondered if he actually invented undo.

Programmer’s Assistant first in BBN Lisp and then in Interlisp made a huge impression on me.  It is curious how his invention of DWIM became something of a joke over the years.

There are videos of Warren and his dog competing on his Google+ page only weeks before his heart attack.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

cl-autowrap 23K -- BSD-2-Clause
  Import c2ffi specs and generate CFFI wrappers
  author: Ryan Pavlik
  git: https://github.com/rpav/cl-autowrap.git
  more: https://github.com/rpav/cl-autowrap#readme

cl-date-time-parser 10K -- MIT License
  Parse date-time-string, and return (values universal-time fraction). Parsable date-time-format: ISO8601, 
     W3CDTF, RFC3339, RFC822, RFC2822, RFC5322, asctime, RFC850, RFC1036.
  author: Takaya OCHIAI
  git: git://github.com/tkych/cl-date-time-parser.git
  more: https://github.com/tkych/cl-date-time-parser#readme

cl-ledger 253K -- No license specified?
  Port of the Ledger accounting system to Common Lisp.
  git: git://github.com/jwiegley/cl-ledger.git
  more: https://github.com/jwiegley/cl-ledger#readme

cl-paymill 7K -- BSD, 2 clause.
  CL-PAYMILL is a common lisp interface to the Paymill
    payment service API.  See https://www.paymill.com/
  author: Peter Wood, email: pete_wood at runbox.com
  git: https://github.com/a0-prw/cl-paymill.git
  more: https://github.com/a0-prw/cl-paymill#readme

cl-string-match 106K -- BSD
  Provides implementations of the standard sub-string search (string
   matching) algorithms: brute-force, Boyer-Moore, Rabin-Karp, etc.
  mercurial: http://hg.code.sf.net/p/clstringmatch/code
  more: http://clstringmatch.sourceforge.net/

epigraph 18K -- BSD
  A library for representing and processing graphs (nodes and edges)
  author: Cyrus Harmon
  git: https://github.com/slyrus/epigraph.git
  more: https://github.com/slyrus/epigraph#readme

trivial-tco 3K -- MIT
  A Common Lisp library to assist in ensuring certain code is executed with tail
    call optimizations enabled.
  author: Ralph Möritz
  git: https://github.com/ralph-moeritz/trivial-tco.git
  more: https://github.com/ralph-moeritz/trivial-tco#readme

vgplot 9K -- GPL
  Interface to gnuplot
  author: Volker Sarodnick
  git: https://github.com/volkers/vgplot.git
  more: https://github.com/volkers/vgplot#readme

4 thoughts on “Quicklisp new packages, August 2013

  1. bhyde Post author

    Erin, I hope if you read what I wrote again you’ll see I didn’t say that Warren was a joke.

    What I said was that DWIM has come to be considered a bit of a joke, and I think that’s curious. At the time it was extremely amusing and disconcerting to watch it rework what ever you’d entered until it had happened upon something that would execute with out error. Ever since that time I’ve regularly observed that if somebody suggests or implements a DWIM like functionality merely pointing out that it’s DWIM is usually sufficient to squash the feature.

    The automatic spell correction (that’s nearly invisible as it runs) that has recently appeared is the current example in of this pattern in the wild. It’s a source of much bemusement. The handwriting and voice recognition examples also come to mind.

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