Quicklisp new packages, July 2013

bt-semaphore -- MIT
  A simple semaphore class for bordeaux-threads inspired by SBCL's semaphore.
  author: Ralph Möritz
  git: https://github.com/ralph-moeritz/bt-semaphore
  more: https://github.com/ralph-moeritz/bt-semaphore#readme

cl-dsl -- GPL
  Easily define domain specific languages
  author: Alexander Popolitov
  git: git://github.com/mabragor/cl-dsl.git
  more: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-dsl#readme

cl-glfw3 -- BSD-2
  Bindings for GLFW 3.x
  author: Alex Charlton
  git: https://github.com/AlexCharlton/cl-glfw3.git
  more: https://github.com/AlexCharlton/cl-glfw3#readme

cl-hctsmsl -- GPL v3
  Library to generate human-readable HTML and CSS forms.
  author: Mark Fedurin
  git: https://github.com/HiTECNOLOGYs/CL-HCTSMSL.git
  more: https://github.com/HiTECNOLOGYs/CL-HCTSMSL#readme

cl-indeterminism -- GPL
  Codewalk the form and find variables and functions that are undefined.
  author: Alexander Popolitov
  git: git://github.com/mabragor/cl-indeterminism.git
  more: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-indeterminism#readme

consix -- BSD
  Lispy Qix-like game in 7 days
  author: death
  git: git://github.com/death/consix.git
  more: https://github.com/death/consix#readme

fs-watcher -- MIT License
  Filesystem watcher for changes
  author: Florian Margaine
  git: https://github.com/Ralt/fs-watcher.git
  more: https://github.com/Ralt/fs-watcher#readme

lquery -- Artistic
  A library to allow jQuery-like HTML/DOM manipulation.
  author: Nicolas Hafner
  git: git://git.tymoon.eu/lquery.git
  more: http://shinmera.tymoon.eu/public/lquery-about.html

quicksearch -- MIT License
  Quicksearch searches CL library, then outputs results at REPL.
  author: Takaya OCHIAI
  git: git://github.com/tkych/quicksearch.git
  more: https://github.com/tkych/quicksearch#readme

quickutil -- BSD 3-clause
  Client for Quickutils, a new way to think about utilities.
  git: https://github.com/tarballs-are-good/quickutil.git
  more: https://github.com/tarballs-are-good/quickutil#readme

towers -- Public Domain
  Silly geodefense clone wannabe
  author: death
  git: git://github.com/death/towers.git
  more: https://github.com/death/towers#readme

weblocks-tree-widget -- LLGPL
  A tree widget for weblocks
  author: Olexiy Zamkoviy
  git: git://github.com/html/weblocks-tree-widget.git
  more: https://github.com/html/weblocks-tree-widget#readme

3 thoughts on “Quicklisp new packages, July 2013

  1. Patrick Stein

    Thank you for these summaries… it’s really helpful to see at a glance what all of the new packages do. I’m certainly going to employ a couple of the ones in this month’s batch.

  2. bhyde Post author

    RB – Thanks for catching that. I built generated my template before I remembered to update the repo. where Quicklisp records the sources of various projects; and thus caught the older setting. I’ve fixed it above.- ben

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