Weird day

It is a warm humid day here in Boston, early summer rather than spring.  Nature is bursting out all over and the authorities have told close to a million people (Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont,Cambridge and Alston Brighton) to shelter in their homes so they can look for a young man who, which his older brother, is suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon on Monday.

My town is not on the list, but just the same everybody is indoors.  It’s been incredibly quiet here.  No traffic on the main streets, no pedestrians on the sidewalks.  The occasional dog walker.  It’s quieter than when we have a major snow storm and the air is full of sound deadening snow flakes and the authorities have begged the populous to stay off the roads.  It’s weird.

At this point they have caught the 2nd guy, the 19 year old.  Late in the day I went to Trader Joe’s. Things were quiet on the way over, but it was crowed.  People seems sort of giddy, glad to be out of the house.  It was kind of sweet, for some reason.

I don’t have any complaints.  I feel the authorities did what they needed to do, and for logical good reasons.  I’m happy they got the 2nd kid alive; i hope he survives.  It’s been a tough ride for people in the media, they just can’t quite get that really they shouldn’t speculate.  And gosh, they ought to to keep their hands off the emotional levers.

Let’s hope, it’s over.

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