Hire somebody to keep you focused

This is another post for the pico-economics bucket, i.e. the schemes we use to control our impulsive nature and the  difficulties  that arise from them.

This story has been getting a lot of media play.  Under the “guy hires girl to slap him if he goes to Facebook“, but the actualy thing he hired her for is more interesting – at least to me.  So I recommend the entire posting.

2 thoughts on “Hire somebody to keep you focused

  1. Sergio Pozzetti

    Forgive a Freudian interpretation of the success this would-be-negative reinforcement approach had. I wonder if our guy was slapped when he was little, perhaps by his mother. I wonder if that crystallized into a weird sadomasochistic fetish. I also wonder if he’s lonely and how many times he diverged into non-productiveness on purpose just to get slapped or yelled at. Be that as it may, the success the story had alone may go a long way into helping him cope with the loneliness of his work. Autohypnosis may be in order to gain better focus… that, or a girlfriend… or maybe just a friend.

  2. bhyde Post author

    I first encountered this story on a comedy news show where they assured us that she denies being a “focus dominatrix.” One wonders if that’s good or bad for her business … how is she going to put this on her resume?

    A lot of people eroticize the brain’s executive function. Well ok, executive function generally.

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