When the house places a bet

Apparently the key to Newt’s success in South Carolina was $5,000,000 donation from Sheldon Adelson.  Fortune says that Sheldon’s net worth is $21,500,000,000.  That    $5,000,000 was two hundredth of a percent (.02%) of his net worth.  I’m pretty well off, and if I multiple the price of my house times .02% I get an amount less than the a bill I paid for dinner the other evening.

Poor Sheldon is #16 on the Fortune list.  There are 112 million households in the US, so Sheldon’s worth is $191/household.  He made his money in the Casino business.

What percentage of the top .1% are going to decide to toss .02%, or even 1% of their net worth into this?

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