social networks -> social venn diagrams

The following 200+ slides are a foreshadowing of what is what with google+.

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’m not as impressed with that deck as I wish I was. I know three reasons though. The not-facebook competition undermines it. The transparent ‘this will be great for marketing/advertision’ is tacky. And I hatz that 150 limit meme.

Maybe this leaves me cold because having worked on the identity management problem a lot is that sure you get points for starting to understand the nature of the problem (and yes, yes, the number of people who get even that far is few) but we are a decade plus into this problem and at this point solutions are all i’m interested in hearing about. Sadly there are none in that deck.

2 thoughts on “social networks -> social venn diagrams

  1. mtraven

    Interesting…I agree with your assessment, it looks like it was designed to teach people who had never thought about these issues before (which may include most of Google, if its reputation is accurate).

  2. Edward Vielmetti

    The two words I have to come up with is “cognitive overhead” – do you mean I now have to remember which circle I put people in in order to communicate with them? It seems really simplistic to think that n overlapping circles will contain your friends, especially since anyone you know reasonably well might fit into a bunch of categories.

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