3 thoughts on “lazy graphic designers

  1. Edward Vielmetti

    It’s interesting to frame this as a “talent battle”; you’d expect some migration from one company to the next just because of chance, and you’d expect also to have a competing narrative that says “Company X has out of control labor costs, but Company Y has figure out how to hire smart”.

  2. Kris

    the circles and arrow sizes or widths should be proportional to the actual number of employees.

  3. bhyde Post author

    Ed – It’s a lovely idea that Microsoft is actually infecting Facebook with spys and saboteurs.

    Kris – Exactly; and maybe something to indicate the total flows in/out of those firms. Maybe Facebook’s HR team is incapable of getting people from anyplace other than Yahoo and Microsoft.

    But I must say I very much doubt the data’s particularly accurate. Unless the valley’s HR community has some conspiratorial knowledge pool about this stuff.

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