concessions: new flag & anthem

Squirrel this away.  It’s a big time saver.  Next time your minions rise up you can rework this template:

“The younger Mr. Qaddafi … blamed … offered … potentially … a new flag, national anthem … threaten …” — nytimes

Your welcome.

3 thoughts on “concessions: new flag & anthem

  1. Koranteng

    The new flag and anthem is a nice touch. I had it a little different a while back: “delay, ignore, suborn, bribe when expedient, divide and conquer and… the demonstration of violence”. I guess I was missing “distract”.

  2. bhyde Post author

    suborn, that’s nice.

    The kings of social sciences like to cast doubt on their motives. Tis alliterative with morals.

    A nice example of distract: form a committee to debate your organization’s core principles and mission statement.

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