Nexus One Part 2

Just sat thru the live feed from the Nexus One press conference.  Reading only slightly between the lines it sounds like they announced just what I wanted to hear, a new distribution channel.  More phones to come, and more carriers as well.  In particular during the Q&A it was pretty explicit that blowing up the current costs associated with the store & agent based selling model is part of the scheme.  It will be interesting to see were the value pricing, discounting, etc. goes next.  And there remains a real tipping point when the plans finally stop including a subsidy for the phone’s cost.  I was a bit surprised that T-Mobile (and Sprint, and Verizon) wasn’t at the event – that really signals something but I’m not entirely sure what.  Finally this event had the production quality of middle school play.  I find that weird.

UpdateAnother version of this story.

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