Growth Industry

Now what do they do?  Corporations that is.    I mean, given the license corporations have been granted.  Will they reward their friends on the Supreme court?  Have they jiggered the goals for their strategic planning people?  Where is the cookbook of standard recipes; e.g. what you do if your firm owns the big employer in a town or state, or what you do if your industry hasn’t captured your regulator yet.

And what about their suppliers?  Have all the big consulting firms fired up new divisions to advise them?      Does O’Reilly has a “Voter Hacks” queued up?  Where  is a package to be sold to every company that rules a company town that bridges from people’s economic anxieties into votes for candidate that will sell the commonwealth at low cost to the firm.  Is there a conference yet, a professional society, a code of practice?

This seems quite scale free.  Economic entities of all scales should be able to find something they want and political actors who will support them.  How many nations have spun up a task force?  How many local businesses.  How hard would it be to get somebody elected who then hands over the trash collection franchise, or let’s you build your factory in that bit of park land?

All this seems inevitable.  Otherwise we should see shareholder suits accusing them of dropping the ball.  Will we?  There ought to be a lot of action going on.  A lot of first mover advantage to be captured.  I’d think all that movement would be obvious if you knew were to look?  Have the starting salaries of political scientists ticked up?

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