I love this introductory sentence:  “The ability to track fruit flies in real time is the foundation of a virtual reality system that could revolutionise the study of animal flying behaviour.”    And later on we get “But the real power of Flydra is its ability to track movement in real time (or at least with a lag of only 40ms). This allows the pattern to be changed in real time in response to a fly’s motion–a kind of virtual reality for drosophila.”

In other news from the world of over instrumenting the trivial we have this bathroom scale that conveniently beams your weight to a web site, only $170, where presumably it can be used to immediately adjust your health insurance costs.  Yeah, maybe it can be used to reduce credit card fraud; what with a scale at the check out kiosk.  I wonder if you have to hop on it to set your wifi password?

Close monitoring is the future.

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