I think I’ve got it.

Yup. I think I’ve got it. Wave? Wave is usenet, nntp, etc. Distributed bboards are back. Why didn’t I realize this sooner? Welcome back.

3 thoughts on “I think I’ve got it.

  1. bhyde Post author

    Devdas – Sure, I wouldn’t disagree. And more since the underlying data encourages a richer document than text did.

    And yet I think I’ve got it. What wave enables is the same kind of persistent distributed style of conversation we got in usenet. Each wave, or a group of waves, is effectively a newsgroup for the folks that rendezvous in it.

  2. Devdas Bhagat

    A wave is still a single thread. A group of waves is usenet-ish conversation (with inline responses, yay!).

    I was thinking realtime email threads originally, and Usenet isn’t that far off.

    However, I think that trying to visualise Wave as a single application is not going to be sufficient.

    There is a group chat aspect to it, like IRC.

    There is a shared editing aspect with version control.

    There is a separation of topics in threads, and branching, which happens more often in email/usenet.

    All three aspects are equally valid, and looking merely at one of them is not going to be useful. That is what makes wave so exciting to me.

    OTOH, I still need a (scriptable) desktop client for wave, not the crippled Javascript UI.

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