Seeking Flu Blogs

Yo!  Where are the good blogs to follow about the flu?

I know there out there.  There always is.  During earthquake in China, During the hurricane in New Orleans.  During the SARS outbreak.  During the current banking crisis.    Jeff is often good for weather events.  The CDC has an rss feed on swine flu, but it’s thin.  Usually you can find a few that are on the ground, a few written by topic experts.


Please keep ’em comming, but here are some so far.

While I still haven’t found any good “on the ground” blogs, this list rules.

Those are in a rough order of my preference (plus or minus 3).  Some don’t have RSS feeds; in which case feedity, can sometimes help.

5 thoughts on “Seeking Flu Blogs

  1. Ben Hyde

    The CCC, the Center for Collector Control, is monitoring the situation. Collecting, like the cold, is common, widespread, and generally mild. But specialists are concerned that a more virulent novel from might cross over from Magpies, spreading rapidly through out the population.

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