Overvalue individual agency

“My mistake is perhaps instructive, because it exemplifies some cognitive biases that bedevil all of us: wishful thinking, overvaluing the causal impact of character traits (and individual agency, generally) relative to structural tendencies, and an unfortunate tendency to take sides” — Books Do Furnish a Room

Why does the culture so love to overvalue individual agency relative to structural tendencies?

3 thoughts on “Overvalue individual agency

  1. nick

    Because it supports the (illusion of, belief in: take your pick)freedom of the will? And people don’t find “mu” an acceptable answer in this culture, for better or worse.

  2. bhyde Post author

    Phil – As usual, an evolutionary argument can be made for the exact converse. We evolved in primarily a structured world.

    Nick – Tis’ plausible that the self, being what’s close at hand, is always the first stop for explaining things.

    But, personally I think the reasons lie elsewhere.

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