“You Asked for It!”

Idiots.  Comcast upgraded their email system over night and now I have thousands of duplicate messages in dozens of mail folders.    And, so does everybody in my household.  Guess who get’s to clean up this mess?

The email announcing this wonder (Smartzone(tm) Communications Center) includes the phrase: “You Asked for It!”    It would have been more polite of course if they had given us all fair warning, before throwing this punch.  You know as in: “Ok buddy, you asked for it.”    This is has an abusive relationship.  Their product managers must be really really happy about their switching costs.

2 thoughts on ““You Asked for It!”

  1. Bill Tozier

    This is where @comcastcares (on Twitter, at least) would crop up like a recurring cough and say, “I’m sorry you are unsatisfied. What can I do to make your upgrade experience more enjoyable?”

    Which typically drives me to thoughts of Netflix + AppleTV + AT&T U-verse. And then I see how badly they all suck, in their way… and I despair.

    And then I wonder how many people it would take to form a TV Cooperative.

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