.gov domain registration

I’m amused at what a domain name geek I am.  My principle reaction upon seeing this is to wonder what beuracracy approves the domain name registration for a thing like that.  Who ever they are, it was very professional of them to do so.

4 thoughts on “.gov domain registration

  1. bhyde Post author

    I meant professional. Most bureaucracies specialize in saying no; so I give them high marks for saying yes and quickly. To me it is obvious that the transition team has an entirely appropriate claim (it nice to live in a place were that is the case) to a .gov domain name. I’m glad that the approval wasn’t blocked by some partisan. Of course a professionally run civil service wouldn’t be partisan. Given the recent past it’s a chance to count one’s blessings, which is always nice.

  2. David Coletta

    OK, I get it, and I agree! I was actually wishing for just exactly this site yesterday, especially if they provide timely info about when to catch news conferences.

  3. Jane

    Ben — Speaking of geeks, I don’t know whether they’re still advertising, but LibraryThing up in Portland (the Maine one) was looking for a geeky kind of person in Portland to work for them. Just thought I’d mention it to youy in caswe you know anyone looking for a job with some really cool and innovative people.

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