A God for Every Aspect

“Out of the vast mass of undifferentiated powers certain functional deities appear; and the Kami of Japan to-day who preside offer the gilds and crafts of industry and agriculture, over the trees and grasses of the field, the operations of the household, and even the kitchen-range, the saucepan, the rice-pot, the well, the garden, the scarecrow and the privy, have their counterparts in the lists of ancient Rome, the indigitamenta over whose contents Tertullian and Augustine made merry.  The child was reared under the superintendence of Educa and Palina.  Abeona and Adeona taught him to go out and in.  Cuba guarded him when he was old enough to exchange a cradle for a bed.  Ossipaga strengthened his bones; Levana helped him to get up, and Statina to stand.  There were powers protecting the threshold, the door and the hinge: and the duties of the house, the farm, the mill, had each it’s appointed guardian” — Page 69, Volume XXIII, Eleventh Edition of  The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, and General Information

In Computer Science Abeona and Adeona go by the names Ping and Pong.

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