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I lost about 25 pounds on the Shangri-La Diet before my attention wandered to other hobbies.  But I still keep an occational eye on that community.  One of the most impressive results is this chart showing various reports from folks on the diet.

This data is tainted by the how it is self reported, but none the less it is amazing.  The other day Seth reported some fun data for one dieter, who lost about a pound a week for two years!  He wrote a nice posting a while back about the fun he is having with his little community of users.  And this is a nice research result that makes complete sense given the diet’s punitive explanation, i.e. that standardization make food more fattening.

6 thoughts on “Shangri-La Diet

  1. bhyde

    As she links generically to a diet site, I presume that Lucy’s comment is self promotion. But I found the diet site an interesting business hack, so I thought others might enjoy it.

  2. bhyde

    Hi Stephen, Welcome. Your sort of famous in this little community. “When” … hm, after about a six or 8 months. My appetite returned over a few weeks. My weight crept up very slowly over maybe a year. I didn’t return to my original weight, in Seth’s terms my set point stayed lower. The diet generally made me more aware of my consumption habits and I think I was less casual about falling into the older ones. Not so much a matter of will power or lack of desire but a somewhat heightened awareness that the seconds, while fun and sociable, had a systemic cost.

    Yes I went back on the diet about two months ago when I decided my pants were too tight. While my appetite is supressed my weight hasn’t fallen with the same satisfying rate this time. I suspect I maybe substituting beer calories; but I don’t really obsess about the details; and it does appear to be working abet more slowly. I’m not keeping records this time.

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