Apple murders small Mac retailer

Apple has decided to force my favorite local Apple vendor out of business. On May 15th Apple opened a new store in Boston’s posh shopping district. On the 16th they told Tom, who’s store is Mission Hill, that he’s out.

My bud, Tom Roberts has run this funky little shop,  Organize-it Software, in on a side street on the border between the poor part of town and the medical district for decades. Over the years he has complained that Apple has slowly but surely pushing all the stores like his out of business. More recently he’s mentioned that each time a new Apple store opens they toss a few more little stores off the bus.

No doubt that’s good for the brand. This is really lousy for my loyalty to Apple.

The little guy just doesn’t have much recourse in these situations.

In marginally related news, for those interested, Google still has me marked with the evil bit – so I’m not in their index. Their automated response says I can expect some resolution in a few weeks. Two highly competent people have told me they never managed to get the evil bit removed from their sites; oh dear.

2 thoughts on “Apple murders small Mac retailer

  1. Jane Goguen


    I am a loyal fan and customer of Tom’s from the beginning. I am so pissed at Apple – I wrote them letters and emails when this all happened and never got a reply. I have spent 2 hours on the phone this morning with Apple Tech Support to buy an old version of the OS (Tiger) to upgrade some old computers. Still no success. In my frustration, I googled Tom and came upon your page. Send him my best, if you know where he is – and if he’s working underground, tell him to email me. Thanks! Jane (Feb 2, 2009)

  2. Mel

    Does anyone know where Tom is? I’ve referred many people to him over the years. I work in a school & have sent teachers & parents to him simply because he is THE best.Does anyone know a way to get in touch with him?I’ve been googling & searching for Tomfor days. Thanks in advance for any info on him.

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