Ok, Jott is very cool, but boy do we need oauth!  They are sucking up quite a few account credentials!

I seem to remember it was circa 1972 that people first confidently predicted we would have speaker independent speech recognition.

Thirty five years latter, looks like it’s arrived.    I remain hopeful that given another 30 years we can get the internet identity problem solved, cleaning up the mess created in the mean time maybe difficult.

5 thoughts on “Jott

  1. Kimbo

    Thanks for the tip. However, they don’t use machine recognition (yet). They ship your words to India to get transcribed.

  2. mtraven

    You do know that Jott relies on human transcription? It’s what Amazon calls “artificial artificial intelligence”.

  3. bhyde

    My attempts to ask it about the weather in India today have been quite disappointing. I’m wondering if they may just do a two stage thing, with software recognition in the 1st phase and the human oversight only on those where the confidence is low.

  4. avargas

    Yeah, it’s bogus “voice recognition” – some poorly-paid drones in India are listening to your messages and transcribing them. AFAIK, only SpinVox has what bhyde is suggesting.

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