Misc. GAE Examples

Some other amusing little hacks on Google App Engine.

I like LunchStr, for coordinating the office lunch expedition.

Dot and Simple Sketch reminds me of the sheep market, talent scraping example; which is recursive of course since google app engine is a fine example of developer network as talent scrapper.

Of course you have to have your standard little apps. Tinyurl clones: grulx.com, Links’R’US, and hurl.

There are some slightly larger applications.

And some larger ones, like a chat rooms provider.
One of the app team’s example apps makes Google an OpenId provider, app here – it’s only version 1, which is lame, even useless.

Most of the really complex stuff is still Google authored. Their directory is filling up fast, including some spam entries. They already have preferential attachment bias in their ranking.

Finally a complain! The user nicknames appearing all over these application are actually revealing people’s email addresses, just add @gmail.com. Feel free to star this defect complaining about how all these sweet little applications are revealing user-email addresses unnecessarily. (Did somebody say oauth?)

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