Just in Time Rule Making

I have a bank account designed like a game at a casino.  They bet me about 70$ a month; if I lose then I pay then about 20$, if I win I get about 50$.  Winning the bet requires that I run an obstacle course of their design.  For example in one step I must use their debit card N times. This is not unlike those deals where you have to mail in a rebate.  Companies offering rebates know most people are not as competent as they think they are.  These are pretty evil marketing techniques. Unsurprisingly given the excitement in the credit markets the bank has decided to rejigger the rule of the game.  The penalty is the same.  The prize is now smaller, 30$.

They write “we felt strongly about notifying you before the rate decrease takes effect” in an email dispatched 14 hours before the rule change goes into effect.  This reminds a bit of a game my brother once played with me where in he would change the rules after each round.

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