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First off, you all, should go read Stefano’s posting about how he’s also on the job market.

I originally firmed up the rule about never ever posting about my job because I found that my coworkers would always assume that what ever I posted it was about them. Such is the human mind. I’ve backed off that rule only slightly over the years, so that now the rule is that I absolutely label such postings right up front.

So this posting is job related.

As you may or may not know for the last few years I’ve been doing project management for the Simile project at MIT, a wide ranging effort to puzzle out what the heck we are going to do about the emerging mess of heterogeneous organically produced metadata. It’s interesting work with a bridge to the traditional well regulated and standardized metadata you’ve all experienced in library or product catalogs.

We have done some amazingly cool stuff. We have dozens of code bases; just to pick two of the lesser known examples. Ryan Lee‘s Appalachian shows how you might solve the phishing problem inherent in OpenID. Stefano‘s Gadget is indispensable when ever a few megabytes of XML appears on your doorstep.
We are wrapping up this round of Simile. I’m looking for what I’ll be doing next, hint, hint.
Also, don’t miss David Huynh‘s recently released cool plug-in for Thunderbird. Let’s be clear that only the very brave write Thunderbird plug-ins! It provides some really sweet browsing additions over your email; watch the video!

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