Two More Blogs

Two blogs I’m promoting out of my trial folder.  First into my folder of “worry”, as in blogs that create anxiety.  You know were this blog is.
I’m enjoying warming my hands in the glow of flames coming off the hearth at “Who is IOZ?”  He builds a beautiful fire, laying the tinder, applying the match.  I certainly hope he can keep this up, since it does take it out of one.
He’s delightfully wise as well.

I’m not as quick to dismiss articles like this as “anecdotal.” Didion made me skeptical of that distinction when she noted how the political class uses the word to dismiss that which is experienced in real life by actual people.

I mean, I’m even willing to forgive him for being a Libertarian.

Secondly into my folder of “pants”, as in smarty pants.

I’m also enjoying (thanks Karim) reading Matt Webb’s Interconnected.  Apparently his ancestors say this all coming?  Webb?  When he dies they are going to want to stuff him and use him as the species archetype for Isaiah Berlin’s fox.  As he sniffs around the landscape he draws numerous delightful connections.

It’s possible that plants are more advanced than animals, at a cellular level, but us animals – because we took the ‘worse is better’ approach – have had more time to do the bounded random walk into intelligence. Give it a billion years, and maybe the underlying smarter engineering of plants will win out in the end.

That’s a guilt pleasures, taking any pair of things and mapping them into the worse is better framework.  man/woman, Europe/America, big/small…

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