Digital Footprints

The Pew center has printed up a 50 page report on their survey results regarding online privacy and how people perceive and act upon the issue.

It’s always fun to see the category names that get manufactured for these kinds of reports.  They have four:

  • Concerned and Careful
  • Worried by the Wayside
  • Confident Creatives
  • Unfazed and Inactive

I wonder what the flows between these categories look like.  If member of the category Unfazed and Inactive starts a blog does he then become a member of Concerned and Careful?
I’ll need to read it more carefully, skimming it I don’t see anything too surprising.  Which actually surprised me.  To a degree it’s hard to know what to make of the data.  Things are changing so fast.  Surely opinions about this fast moving landscape aren’t particularly solid.  In fact I’d say that most people opinions about online privacy are surprisingly random, including many folks who are quite deeply involved in the net.

These days I think the nature of public opinion about online privacy is up for grabs.

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