The Five Pound Secretary

The virtual antique typewriter museum is a delight.  This example was built at the very end of the 19th century.


Notice that it has cylindrical type ball.    This same vendor also made an electric version.  That one had a lock.  I wonder what the salesman would say about that lock and key; kind of bad actor, waste, or impulse that lock and key where intended to address.
The teletypes like those I used when interacting with a timesharing system back in the 1960s has a cylindrical type head.  They could also read and write a punch tape.  You’d use that to prepare data before making your phone call.  I used to carry a carefully folded punch tape in my wallet to initialized my sessions.

I like to call my cell phone pda “my box of daemons”.  Maybe I should call my laptop “my secretary”.  While neither have a lock and key; they have lots of passwords instead.

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