Banking Concentration

This is called burying the lead, in the ninth paragraph of an eleven paragraph article.

Nationwide, perhaps the most significant point in the FDIC reports was figures showing Bank of America’s total deposits account for 9.9 percent of all US deposits, including assets it is acquiring with its purchase of LaSalle Bank in Chicago, according to analysis by research group SNL Financial in Virginia. This moves the bank up against the federal limit of 10 percent, beyond which it cannot grow by acquisition.

The nominal headline of the article was that smaller banks in Massachusetts appear to be taking market share away from the larger banks.  On that topic the article appears to be mostly hearsay: “… she’s heard anecdotal evidence that frustration is driving the growth of midsize institutions. “They’re gaining on having lower fees, some higher interest accounts, and perhaps better service”.  My impression is that there is some very aggressive efforts by some area banks to drag customers in; and it appears to me this is in service of making them more attractive acquisition candidates.  For example DanversBank is both 6% interest on your checking account (with very complex rules) while at the same time it is going public.  Going public is, I think, a precursor to selling the bank off.

Presumably Bank of America will now be lobbying for loopholes so it can get yet larger.

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