Technorati’s WTF vs Everything2

I’m struck by how much Technorati’s new WTF seems to so very analogous to Everything2. Both want to be about providing useful definitions for things. They aren’t quite encyclopedias or dictionaries (ala wikipedia) because their domain is more dynamic, more situated in the cultural noise. I’ve mentioned in passing before my cartoon version of the Everything2 story, e.g by giving bonus points for “cool” postings they ended up getting a site full of entertaining rather than authoritative stuff.  So far the Technorati system has a very simple voting system.  Too simple if you ask me.  T’s WTF is, of course, are in that fun period of first contact with users [1].    But then there is quite substanative difference; Everything2 was a giant experiment in reputation and governance.  I doubt that’s high on Technorati’s agenda.

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