No-knead Bread

The New York Times has brought all the food blogs into sync with an article posted last Wednesday for a no-knead bread. It’s been fun reading various news groups, mailing lists, forums, and blogs as they take the recipe out for a spin. It’s a fun technique.

I think the most amusing posting though was the one pointing out that the New York Times wrote a very similar technique, giving credit to the same baker and bakery back in 2004.

Jim Lahey, who owns Sullivan Street Bakery in Manhattan, recommends placing an enamel-covered cast-iron pot and lid in the oven at 500 degees for an hour (creating plenty of ambient heat), then lowering the dough into the pot on a parchment sling and covering it. — Proper Tools for a Perfect Loaf by Kay Rentschler, New York Time 25 May 2004

Though in that version the bread is dropped into the iron pot on a sheet of parchment. Which strikes me as a better approach; since the dough is so wet it’s almost impossible to keep it from soaking into the towel you rest it on for the second rise.

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