Trader Reputation

Presumably as the internet identity problem get’s solved services will emerge that can cough up tiny nuggets of information about those identities. Did zippy_133_a go to Harvard? Is sweet_thing_341 over 18 years of age? What percentage of wild_boy_12’s comments to blogs were flagged as spam, offensive, angry? Ebay, for example could provide a service that provides information about an identities’ feedback at there, i.e. “bought 10 items for a value 312$ with 100% positive feedback, sold 3 items for 17$ 33% positive feedback, 66% no feedback recieved.”

I was pleased to discover there is another trading reputation server: Heatware. Heatwave is used by folks that buy, sell and trade in internet venues other than eBay. Since you can click around in their user database it’s easy to find the high volume traders, for example this quy. Since traders here post their persona’s in various trading sites this also provides a directory of trading venues other than eBay. I’ll note in passing that forces accounting linking across the persona, which I consider to be unfortunate.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.

Now Heatware should not be confused with Heatwave, who makes giant vacum+microwave chambers used to dry your lumber so you can sell it immediately.

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