Since I got some positive reenforcement for my posting on Nagios I’ll go ahead and point to this posting on screen; which I use as well. I use screen on headless servers, a lot.

Screen is much lighter than what I used to do. I’d run an X server on the headless machines with an in memory virtual display device. On that server I’d run a XEmacs to which I would typically connect using gnuclient. Occationally I’d connect to the X server using VNC. The nice thing about this approach is you can run a rich visual display of the server’s status in the memory resident X server and pop it up on demand.

HA! I see that Justin Mason has some screen tricks as well.

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  1. dbs

    Screen is by far the most unknown of the ‘master’ applications under unix . Nothing has matched it for usefulness, stability, and general “This is so simple, it’s perfect” applicativeness (is that a word?). I know folks who have built entire desktop systems around screen.

    ‘screen’ + ssh (particularly in tunnelling) so far are unmatched in the Windows world.

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