Messianic Vision

This is depressing and frightening and it should be the only topic under discussion in the public sphere right now. The adminstration has gone insane. Now what do we do?

Attacking Iran is self distructive. What kind of a reputation will the nation have left afterward; why will any nation every consider us an ally except for the most cooersive of reasons ever again?

Nuclear weapons! For God sake, they are seriously considering their use. The time for the Congress to stop these people has long passed. The nation, and particularly the Congress, have got to get out of our collective state of denial about how dangerous our leaders have become. They have learned nothing. They have become delusional. You can’t negotiate with people like that, but they must be stopped. Which is what the checks and balances are for. God, I just hope they aren’t entirely rusted out and coopt’d.

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  1. anonymous

    It is scary. I am afraid that in the past few years America has turned from being perceived as a universal symbol of freedom to a backyard bully.

    It is really a pity. I hope that you can change the situation with the next elections and go back to be a recognized leader for civil liberties.

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