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This posting is for other victims of Oracle Calendaring (an enterprise calendaring system) who are trying to get it to work on the Mac and their Treo (or Palm) synchronization.


  • I was unable to get it to play nice with iCal, so no more iCal.
  • So you have to use their 1987 quality calendaring application on the desk top.


  • You need use Mark/Space’s Missing Sync because iSync won’t allow you to disable the calendar only; so switch to that before the following steps.
  • The task and address book synching are said to be lousy.
  • You need the Oracle conduits.
  • After they are installed remove the address book and task conduits and restore the Mark/Space conduits.
  • Don’t try to run both the Oracle calendar conduit and the Mark/Space event conduit; since they are both trying to sync the same data.
  • If you get this error: “Out of storage space during update of database CTimeSetupPrefsDB” in the log on the treo then you need to upgrade your Treo’s firmware.

There may, or may not, be a Mac release of the Treo firmware updater for the Mac. If there isn’t on then you need to a window’s box. Virtual PC will work, but you need to manually kill the Mac processes running in the background listing for the Hot Synch request that comes in from the Treo; you can find those using the application known as the Activity Monitor.

That said this thing is junk.

I am assured by other users that it does not consistently move appointments created on the palm onto your main calendar. Those users then give you the sardonic smile of a fellow traveler and report that they have been trained to enter appointments only into Oracle calendar.

There is no work around for that problem on the Mac. I gather on the PC you can force a “full” syncronization and their conduit will then, very slowly, get the right answer.

It is a documented bug with the Mac conduit. Repeating events move over only the first instance of the repeating events.

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