The Epicurean Life (part II)

It is possible to spend less than $5.99/gallon for your wine. You just inherit it. Yes, my wife brought me some fine wines from the cellars of her parents house. Recently some vintners have begun to adopt the screw top for their wines and my in-laws managed to catch one of the first. Pictured is the label from a 1.5 liter bottle of “soft semi-dry red table wine” the label assures us that it is naturally pure, naturally fermented, and should be served chilled. It’s “Grandi Vini” and was imported by the Renfield Corp. of Union NJ from Nonantola Italy. I suspect this bottle entered the collection in 1978. While I did not swallow any of this bilge it took two strong India Pale Ales to remove the taste.

0 thoughts on “The Epicurean Life (part II)

  1. whirlycott

    The suggestion to serve red wine “chilled” is the giveaway. Red wine should be served warmer than that to let it open up. The taste completely changes with the temperature in many cases. Serving it cold restricts the true underlying flavour of the wine and causes any effect of the taste to be constrained.

    Otherwise, sounds like fun.

  2. billo

    Yikes, that’s some scary stuff. Ben, I’m inviting you to my
    New Year’s party. The cheapest stuff I will have there is
    $64/gallon, I promise.

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