The Epicurean Life

In general you can’t buy liquor in grocery stores in Massachusetts. But today I wandered into one of the few that have managed to figure out how to get the licenses setup just right. I was amused to discover that all the wines at this place had unit pricing, so a $6 bottle of wine is a $30 a gallon. Using that information I now know that the ‘two buck chuck’ at Trader Joe’s is $15 a gallon. Wandering around the store I discovered this wine in a box for $5.99 a gallon. So I bought some.

This stuff! Grape juice with a head ache. Wow.

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  1. David

    I think that I remember a store owner explaining it to me once years ago so the rules might have changed but that’s what I remember.

    The trick in MA is that any single entity can only have three beer and wine licenses. Sudbury Farms (Sudbury), Whole Foods (Wayland) and Trader Joe’s in Framingham are a few I know of. By this logic there are two more of each that also sell beer and wine.

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