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Franco is still dead, and Stanford B School researchers say that who you know dominates who get’s the job (abstract); now with improved with social networking.

Very fun screen cast of about the Java Script library known as Mochi.

Cool winter weather browser shows snow cover, percipitation, tempurature, elevation, etc. etc. etc. Those guys at the national weather service? They Rule!

A nice complement to my attempt to estimate the cost/mile of driving the car; here’s an attempt to estimate cost/mile of shoes.

And from that same source hiding images in sound.

I gather that the president of U of Chicago said:

A university is “an aggregation of sovereignties connected by a common heating plant.”

The internet is a aggregation of sovereignties connected by a common search engine? The general pattern here is that if you drop down Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs sooner or later a point to rendezvous your common cause will emerge.

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