Rosa Parks

So many threads in this story.

LBJ wanted to be president, so he allied with the northern democrats that were pro-civil rights. The South switched over to the Republicans. The rest is history.

When they buried Dr. King my mother stood next to the cleaning lady watching the television, both weeping.

The student reading the news on the college station which woke me this morning said Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a black man.

The map at right shows the black population density from the 1990 census data for Boston and suround. American cities look like that today because of racial covenants in the mid-century and then latter because because mortgage lenders, lead by the federal mortgage lending rules, treated race mixing as an indicator of increased risk. That made drove mortgage lending out of cities into sharply segregated suburbs. In Detroit, where Rosa Parks died, a desperate developer solved this problem by constructing a high wall around his property – entirely so he could get a mortgages for his buyers.

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