I like this paragraph is Stefano’s latest posting where in he collects his thoughts after releasing a fresh verison of Piggy Bank.

Just before last weekend, during my final Piggy Bank wrap-up’s, I sent an email to the Cocoon development mailling list airing my concerns: the web is slowly but surely changing. Some call it the Web 2.0, some call it Ajax, some call it “told you!” and some call it “so what?”, but the truth of the matter is that web services are coming and their impact has very little to do with what protocols or architectural decisions you make, but the amount of people you manage to catalyze.

I like the idea that Web 2.0 really isn’t about anything other than an attempt to the mob to rendezvous around something. That makes it entirely forgivable that some of the Web 2.0 chatter isn’t particularly coherent.

While buzz can cause people to take a look it alone ain’t durable. What’s works is finding a rich pool of options for people to select and exercise. Exercising those options creates commitments, those are durable. The presence of a large pool of options and lack of clarity as to what’s going to work creates a design space for the mob to poke about inside of. In time somethings dominate the design space.

Firefox has created a big fat pool of options. And people are beginning to exercise them.

I suspect that is it only matter of time before someplace in that design space some people uncover something so cool that it begins to drive a large population people to switch browsers. We shall see.

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