Ping Crisis?

Three recent postings raising concerns about the health of the blog pinging ecosystem: one, two, three.

I’ve written a lot about this and done some work, but I’m sanguine about where we are headed.

I’m reasonably optimistic that we will end up with a robust and reasonably equitable feedmesh. I’m less optimistic that some design goals for that will be met. I’m concerned about privacy issues for blog readers. I’m concerned about the terms that small players will be forced to accept when they hook up to the mesh. I’m disappointed that the large players have not found it in their interests to establish a robust governance that assures predictable architecture for ping exchange “marketplace” going forward.

I don’t think there is a crisis. I don’t think there is a conspiracy. I do think that some of the parties aren’t taking actions that they could take in increase the level of trust.

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