Philosophical Power

Market share numbers for philosophers.

27.93% Karl Marx
12.67% David Hume
 6.80% Ludwig Wittgenstein
 6.49% Friedrich Nietzsche
 5.65% Plato
 5.61% Immanuel Kant
 4.83% St. Thomas Aquinas
 4.82% Socrates
 4.42% Aristotle
 4.20% Karl Popper

0 thoughts on “Philosophical Power

  1. Roger

    Don’t you mean “mind share” – I’m not sure what the market is for philosophers. A far more revealing survey would be to ask your average American citizen if they actually recognize any of these philosophers – and if so, what is the philosopher know for. Aside from that communist guy Karl, I suspect the others are going to be mostly unkowns. Now if only Frank Sinatra made the list.

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