Overheard in New York

I love this blog: Overheard in New York.

It’s not quite the New York that I tend to overhear; it’s both more sexual and stupider than the one I overhear. But still it’s much better than nothing if it was better it would make me home sick. When you live in a city you know that other people are listening and you work to keep them entertained. That adds something.

Spanish dude: Yeah, she left me a message and it was like, “Oh, I see you ain’t answering your phone and shit ’cause you doin’ what you do
…but that’s ai’ight, I’m a do me.” So I called her, I was like,
“What you doin’ you? Matta fact, did you do you already? You gon’ go out and fuck somebody else because I couldn’t pick up my phone?”. And she was like, “Nah, nooo, I didn’t mean it, I was just mad. And then you got that other bitch.” I said, “I’m not concerned about that bitch, I’m concerned about this bitch.”

–A train

The stereotyping is fun, if your a New Yorker. It would be kind of racist if you didn’t understand how many marvalous kinds inhabit the city.

They like to pick on tourists.

Tourist dad: Well, I guess this is Chinatown.
Tourist mom: I thought it would be bigger.
Tourist dad: Me too.

–32nd & 5th

Ignoring that there is a lot of information in that address. Cities are amazingly dense; it’s impossible to know how much a thing can change in 40 feet until you’ve lived in a city. It’s like a 5 miles or more an the inner ring suburbs. Somethings appear small, but they aren’t. You can find the equivalent of entire small cities in single buildings in New York.

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