Identifying with the Giant

This morning’s New York Time’s article on blogging at Los Alamos marks an interesting exception to their usual coverage of blogging.

One arch-typical dialectic that get’s rolled out when discussing blogs is little guys v.s. big institutions (David and Gollith, Amatures v.s. Proffesionals, nutty cranks v.s. the competent). This article is no exception. The big guy is the boss at Los Alamos and the little guys are the staff .

The whole “are blogger’s journalists” thread is one varaition of this big/little dialectic. I find that question bizzare. It took me a long time to understand it’s roots. The real source of that question is the fear of the media proffesional. When they write on blogging, they have a strange tendency to volunteer to play the role of the giant in Jack and Beanstalk. Bloggers, of course, are cast in the role of Jack.

This article is an exception. It doesn’t take the bait. A step in the right direction. Though, if you ask me, the whole big/little dialectic is a bit of a rat hole. Who’s selling the beans? Who owns the beanstalk? Lots of other interesting questions.

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